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Job Shadow Class: Penguin and Lorikeet Biologist

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Robin Riggs

See what it takes to care for penguins, lorikeets, and other birds here at the Aquarium.

Do you need to learn about a career for a school assignment, or are you interested in a job in the animal care field? The Job Shadow series of classes at the Aquarium is perfect for either. We have four unique 3-hour classes that are sure to give you the inside scoop on a career in marine biology. Take the entire series, or just pick one.

Job Shadow Classes are led by Aquarium Educators and include opportunities to interact with animal care staff.

Penguin and Lorikeet Biologist:

This Job Shadow class takes a closer look at the field of bird husbandry. During this 3-hour class participants will:

  • Hear from our aviculture staff what it takes to do their jobs
  • Visit various behind-the-scenes locations
  • Observe birds on exhibit ,while looking for discrete bird behaviors

Other activities may include:

  • Prepare food for our penguins and observe a feeding session
  • Create enrichment toys for our lorikeets
  • Examine feathers under a microscope
  • Learn more about common local shore birds
  • Gain insight into the important conservation issues facing bird populations today

*The Aquarium reserves the right to change the animal interactions without notice due to animal safety, exhibit maintenance, or animal health reasons.

Participants must wear closed-toe shoes for behind the scenes access!