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The 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, despite being 5000 miles away, produced waves, tides, and currents that reached coastal California and caused millions of dollars in damage. This prompted a federally funded scientific study by the Scientific Application for Risk Reduction (SAFRR) group, headed by Dr. Lucy Jones, a noted earthquake scientist. This study created a plausible “scenario” to design to model effects pertinent to the West Coast and particularly California. The model details major effects on Long Beach, the ports, and neighboring low lying cities with far reaching implications. The scenario is NOT a prediction, but is a reasonable and plausible basis for awareness and preparedness. Specifically mentioned areas include Alamitos Bay, Naples Island, and areas down the coast to Balboa Island. This program is designed to emphasize bottom up awareness and preparedness to ensuring cooperation if and when an emergency response is needed.

The Aquarium of the Pacific and Dr. Edwin Shackeroff are pleased to have Dr. Lucy Jones, principal investigator of the paper, as the keynote speaker for this program. She will be joined by a panel of experts for discussion following her address. This program aims to involve top scientists, local stakeholders, and emergency planners in an interactive, organic manner.


  • Dr. Lucy Jones, USGS
  • Jeff Reeb, Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management
  • Dr. Patrick J. Lynett, USC Tsunami Research Center
  • Dr. Rick Wilson, California Geological Survey

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Tsunami Awareness and Preparedness
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Monday, Mar 24, 2014 | 7:00 PM–9:00 PM

If you require special accommodations, please contact Ken Kondo at (213) 792-5128.
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