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Kyna Leski

Kyna Leski will discuss and sign copies of her book, The Storm of Creativity, which examines the creative process. Leski argues that the stages of the creative process are essentially the same, irrespective of whether the creativity is artistic, scientific, technical, or applied in business. Creativity, to Leski, unfolds like a storm, gathering and taking form until it overtakes you. She will discuss the stages of creativity and knowing, making, or discovering something that does not yet exist. She will also talk about how the stages of creativity are not really something one can schedule or impose externally; rather, they are stages one experience internally. And even though a stage may quietly commence internally for the creator of a work, it can be empowering or debilitating.

Kyna Leski The Storm of Creativity

Leski is a professor of architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design, a founding principal of 3six0 Architecture, and an artist, actor, and writer. She has spoken about the creative process throughout the U.S. and abroad and gave a main stage presentation at PopTech in 2009.

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The Storm of Creativity
Ira Garber
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Tuesday, Mar 29, 2016 | 7:00 PM–8:30 PM

Cost $5 for public; FREE for Aquarium members, seniors age 62 and up, teachers, and students with valid ID and advanced reservations.
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