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This event has passed and is archived.

Mammalogist Katie Finch holding chick - popup

Katie Finch

Over the past several years husbandry staff members from the Aquarium of the Pacific have participated in a program to help revive the Great Lakes piping plover population. Established through the Universities of Michigan and Massachusetts and the Detroit Zoo, the Piping Plover Project’s objectives are to monitor the vulnerable habitat in which the plover nests and rear and rehabilitate chicks from abandoned nests. Keepers from zoos and aquariums all over the country cycle through the University of Michigan Biological Station every summer to aid in the incubation, hatching, and rearing of piping plover chicks. Aquarium Mammalogist Katie Finch will discuss her experiences rehabilitating abandoned eggs with the project this past June and how this collaboration is making a positive impact on the piping plover population.