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This event has passed and is archived.

Diver swims by underwater oil rig surrounded by fish - popup
Ken Kurtis

The Aquarium will host an evening presentation with Dr. Sylvia Earle as part of the forum on the future of decommissioned oil rigs off the coast of California. As a leader in ocean conservation and management, Dr. Earle will discuss her perspectives on California’s unique relationship with the ocean and the fate of its offshore oil platforms. California’s offshore oil platforms have been in places for many decades, but they will reach the end of their operational lifespans within the next fifteen years. Federal and state agencies face several questions as they decide how to proceed with decommissioning, as the platforms have formed rich biological communities underwater. Famed oceanographer and explorer Dr. Earle will present her perspective as part of this forum, which continues through January 14.


Dr. Earle is president and chairman of Mission Blue/The Sylvia Earle Alliance, a National Geographic Society Explorer in Residence, and was the first female chief scientist of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.