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Veterinary Technician

Full Time, Eligible For Benefits

The veterinary technician will perform duties relevant to operation and application of the animal health care program under direction of the staff veterinarian.

The Veterinary Technician’s Responsibilities Include:

  • Administering or assisting with scheduling and administration of animal medical treatments as directed by the staff veterinarian within the limitations of the California Code of Regulations sections 2034 & 2036
  • Assisting with surgical procedures as directed by the staff veterinarian within the limitations of the California Code of Regulations sections 2034 & 2036
  • Performing husbandry care for hospitalized animals and completing scheduled animal treatments and treatment forms
  • Assessing and communicating any new animal problems that arise to the veterinarian on call
  • Performing laboratory and diagnostic testing as directed by the staff veterinarian
  • Participating in the educational programming at the hospital including updating signs and AV programs, public speaking, and guest interactions
  • Keeping the hospital and surrounding areas tidy, clean, and maintaining veterinary equipment and facilities in proper working order
  • Recording, filing and assisting with other office duties as required to support the animal health care program or approved research projects
  • Coordinating and supervising the work of any veterinary volunteers assigned to work the same shift
  • Coordinating and communicating all necessary information to maintain continuity in animal care and other duties with the full time veterinary technician (coverage notes, rounds notes)


  • Certification of passing the RVT examination, graduation from a veterinary technician training program, or bachelors degree in a animal related field plus 2 years of full time work experience as a veterinary technician
  • One or more years’ experience as an animal keeper or veterinary assistant at a captive exotic animal facility such as a zoo, aquarium, laboratory, or wildlife center. An emphasis on aquatic animal husbandry is preferred.

Knowledge And Skills

  • Working knowledge of husbandry skills for animal species including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates
  • Basic understanding of veterinary technician skills including animal handling, animal medical treatment methods, familiarity with pharmacology and drug dosing
  • Ability to use common veterinary medical supplies and equipment for treatment, hospitalization, diagnosis and surgery
  • Ability to coordinate multiple tasks while adhering to a schedule
  • Excellent communication skills including comfort with public speaking and guest interaction
  • Adherence to the high standards of veterinary medical ethics and professionalism including the AoP social media policy
  • Basic computer skills including typing, word processing, electronic mail and Internet use

Interested & Qualified?

If you meet the requirements of this position, please click on the link below to “APPLY NOW.” You will be directed to our web application process, the successful completion of which is required for all applicants. There are THREE simple steps to this process, which is administered by Wonderlic, Inc.:

  1. You will complete a brief web application;
  2. You will attach or build your resume;
  3. You will complete the online assessment(s).

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The Aquarium of the Pacific is an Equal Opportunity Employer.