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Mammalogist I

full time, eligible for benefits

The Mammalogist I is responsible for the care of all animals in collection and for assisting the Curator/Assistant Curator in the training of volunteers and intern mammalogists. Under the direction of the Curator/Asst. Curator, the individual coordinates the care and treatment of the Aquarium’s animal collection with the veterinarian, and is responsible for the training and husbandry of animal collections. The individual is expected to act as a positive role model to other staff members and must carry an in-depth expertise of natural history, husbandry, and training of animals.

Essential Functions:

  • Provides the highest possible quality of care to the animals in his/her care
  • Prepares food and feeds the animals.
  • The Mammalogist I, trains, and provides husbandry for not only marine mammals, but a variety of birds, reptiles, invertebrates, amphibians, and other mammals of the collection.
  • Is responsible for the care of all animals in collection and for assisting the Curator/Assistant Curator in the training of other staff members in this care.
  • Observes and recognizes medical conditions that may require treatment. Promptly reports those conditions to the Curator or Assistant Curator. Coordinates care and treatment with the Veterinarian
  • Participates in the training of the animal collection.
  • Assists the Assistant Curator in coordinating activities and communicating changes in policy with other staff working with the animal collection
  • Responsible for presentation quality by performing in and evaluating public presentations on a daily basis
  • Ensures the proper care of life support equipment by adhering to a regular preventative maintenance schedule and by keeping all items clean and in good working order
  • Promptly reports all non-functional life support equipment to the Curator, Assistant Curator or Facilities Supervisor for immediate repairs
  • Assist with system design and fabrication of holding facilities
  • Maintains a clean and organized area to facilitate a presentable and safe environment for work and behind the scenes tours
  • May occasionally provide interviews to the media under the direction of Public Relations
  • Communicates regularly with other departments, professional colleagues, at other institutions and outside contractors
  • Maintains all record pertaining to the Aquarium’s collection of marine mammals
  • Under the direction of the Curator/Assistant Curator, oversees the selection, training, and work of volunteers and interns assigned to work with animal collection
  • Performs routinely in public presentations and animal behavioral demonstrations
  • Adheres to all established safety protocols (fire, OSHA, diving, etc.) and reports unsafe conditions to the area Curator Assistant Curator, or Safety Officer to be remedied
  • Works closely with Life Support staff to maintain proper water and air quality (temperature, pH, chlorine, ORP levels, etc.) to ensure the health of the animals and high water clarity
  • Gallery interpretation of exhibits in public areas. Interacting with and educating guests in a personal manner
  • Performs diving operations for cleaning, collecting, and research. Diving may require advanced training with special equipment, such as dry suits or full face regulators

Knowledge and Skills

  • Maintains a high level of knowledge and expertise of the operation and theory of all life support systems
  • Presents workshops, seminars, lectures, member programs, behind-the-scenes tours and other interactions with guests and staff
  • Higher understanding of animal care practices, such as training , quarantine, exhibit maintenance and animal handling
  • Proficient in public speaking
  • Increased proficiency in general animal husbandry with collection of animals


  • Bachelors degree in Biology or related field, or equivalent experience
  • Minimum of one (1) year of progressively responsible experience as an animal keeper/trainer (paid) in a zoological facility
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Possession of a valid driver’s license
  • SCUBA certification from a nationally recognized agency

Physical Demands

  • Ability to sit, stand, and walk for long periods of time
  • Ability to balance bend, squat, climb, kneel, crawl, twist
  • Ability to lift and carry up to 0-75lbs
  • Ability to pull and push up to 0-100lbs
  • Ability to swim, SCUBA certification in dive aquarium habitats or open ocean
  • Full functional range of motion in all major body joints from reaching, twisting, bending, simple and power gripping, fine and gross motor skills

Work Environment

  • Ability to respond to unpredictable marine mammals
  • Exposure to injury from animals
  • Food preparation with fish and shellfish
  • Exposure to various in temperature, humidity or wetness
  • Wet, dirty, uneven surfaces and walkways
  • Elevated platforms
  • Use of special auditory, visual, and personal protective equipment
  • Exposed to working with bio-hazards
  • Use of hand tools, machinery and company vehicles
  • Aquarium habitats and open ocean environments

Interested and Qualified?

If you meet the requirements of this position, click on the link below to “APPLY NOW.” You will be directed to our web application process, the successful completion of which is required by all applicants. There are THREE simple steps to this process, which is administered by Wonderlic, Inc.:

  1. You will complete a brief web application;
  2. You will attach or build your resume;
  3. You will complete two assessments.

Upon completion of all THREE steps, your submission will be forwarded to our hiring team for consideration. If you are among the most qualified applicants, we will contact you within two to three weeks. If you do not hear from us within that time, feel free to reapply in the future as other opportunities arise. Thank you so much for your interest in the Aquarium of the Pacific!

The Aquarium of the Pacific is an Equal Opportunity Employer.