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The Aquarist is responsible for the daily husbandry and maintenance of marine organisms and their habitats. Primary duties include food preparation, feeding, exhibit and life support maintenance, diving, collecting, and supervising volunteers/interns.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Responsibility for the husbandry of various fish & invertebrates, their habitats, and life support systems
  • Maintaining the highest level of cleanliness and artistic quality of the displays, including the window, background and décor
  • Maintaining exhibits through diving when necessary
  • Maintaining acceptable water quality parameters to ensure the health of the organisms and excellent water clarity; testing water quality parameters when needed
  • Ensuring the proper care of life support equipment by adhering to a regular maintenance schedule and keeping all components clean
  • Preparing diets using a diversity of high quality foods and supplements; diet composition simulates natural diets as much as possible
  • Feeding organisms appropriately and maintaining correct weight
  • Recognizing medical conditions and administering medications as needed under the direction of the Veterinarian or Curator
  • Maintaining quarantine/holding systems, if assigned; adhering to accepted quarantine schedule and making changes only with the approval of the Curator or Veterinarian
  • Reporting all medical or behavioral matters to Asst. Curator/Curator and Veterinarian
  • Completing all necessary records and keeping them current; recording detailed daily notes and noting observations
  • Assisting with the acquisition, transfer, and disposition of specimens; may be required to travel long distances under harsh conditions during animal transfers
  • Assisting with field collection trips
  • Training, directing and overseeing the work of volunteers and interns assigned to work in individual’s area of responsibility
  • Assisting with system design and fabrication during renovations
  • Completing inspection rounds at least twice daily to check status of all exhibit and holding/quarantine systems and their occupants
  • Reporting all non-functional life support equipment to the Assistant Curator or Life Support department
  • Proper maintenance and usage of all equipment, supplies and tools assigned to him/her (including radios)
  • Maintaining appropriate stocking levels in exhibits
  • Maintaining a clean behind-the-scenes area to facilitate a professional and safe work environment
  • Adhering to all established safety protocols (fire, OSHA, diving, etc.)
  • Assisting in the handling of marine mammals or birds when additional personnel are required
  • Demonstrating flexibility in completing tasks, which may extend after normal working hours or to weekends and holidays
  • Occasionally providing interviews to the media under the direction of the Public Relations department
  • Collaborating with other aquariums and zoos in aquarium techniques when necessary


  • Bachelor’s degree in Biology or related field, or equivalent experience
  • One (1) year experience caring for animals in a public aquarium
  • SCUBA certification
  • Valid drivers license
  • CPR Certification
  • Position subject to dive skills and abilities assessments

Knowledge and Skills

  • Maintains a high level of knowledge of species under care
  • Maintains a high level of knowledge of the operation and theory of life support systems and marine aquarium water chemistry
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

Interested and Qualified?

If you meet the requirements of this position, please click on the link below to “APPLY NOW.” You will be directed to our web application process, the successful completion of which is required for all applicants. There are THREE simple steps to this process, which is administered by Wonderlic, Inc.:

  1. You will complete a brief web application;
  2. You will attach or build your resume;
  3. You will complete the assessments.

Upon completion of all THREE steps, your submission will be forwarded to our hiring team for consideration. Thank you so much for your interest in the Aquarium of the Pacific!

The Aquarium of the Pacific is an Equal Opportunity Employer.