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Exhibit Interactives

Preview some of the Aquarium's exhibits

The field trip experience is enhanced with the following interactive games that engage students and allows them to learn more. Through these games, students will be introduced to animal care staff, sea otter fun facts, locals watersheds, and more. Use the links before or after your visit to connect with your classroom curriculum.

Online Interactives

Sea Otter Interactive Game

Take the Sea Otter Challenge with sea otter researcher Tim Tinker to learn more about these incredible animals.

Watershed Interactive Game

Discover your local watershed, design your own green garden, and test your water saving knowledge.

Molina Animal Care Center Interactive Game

See what it takes to care for our animals in this behind-the-scenes look at fish surgery, mammal training, and more.

Downloadable Activities

Scavenger Hunts

Our education staff has prepared some downloadable scavenger hunts for your students.

These activity sheets with pre and post activities will enhance your Aquarium visit and learning experience.

Scavenger Hunt design by A Flourish Design: Angela Gomez, Kelly Enquist, and Llanette Morgan.