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School Scholarship Application Form

We appreciate your interest in the Aquarium of the Pacific. The primary intent of the School Scholarship Program is to minimize the financial barrier and enable schools with few or no resources to visit the Aquarium and benefit from our educational programs.

Support is contingent upon the availability of funds and the level of need. We cannot guarantee or predict the availability of funds. Should funds be unavailable at the time your application is approved your school will be placed on a waiting list for funding. Schools remain on the waiting list until they can be served.

We are grateful to the donors who have made the Scholarship Fund possible and we are working hard to raise continued support. Because funds are limited, we ask that applicants exhaust all funding options before turning to the Aquarium for scholarship support.

Only Non-Profit schools who fall into one of the following categories may apply:

  • Those schools receiving funding for low income children through the state of California (Title I)
  • 40% or more of the student body qualifies for free or reduced meals

Items marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

Admission only
Admission and Theater program (up to 140 students and 14 chaperones per program)
Admission and Classroom program (up to 40 students and 4 chaperones per program)
Aquarium on Wheels Program (held at your school, up to 150 students per program)


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