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VIP Experience: Sea Otter & Octopus

Temporarily on Hiatus

Giant Pacific Octopus - popup
Robin Riggs

These private one-on-one experiences connect you with some of our most popular Aquarium animals. Meet an array of weird, fuzzy, silly, intriguing and amazing animals! The two-hour tours feature close encounters with two different animals as well as a customized behind-the-scenes tour. Come learn and explore with our most seasoned education and husbandry staff and learn what it takes to care for marine animals.

Premium Otter/Octopus Encounter

Go where no guest has gone before in this brand new adventure! Meet and feed the sea otters behind the scenes and then discover the elusive and mysterious octopus! Learn what makes caring for these animals so unique!


  • Not ADA Accessible
  • While behind the scenes of the sea otter exhibit, guests over 5’10” will need to watch their head.
  • Interactions with the otters happen through an opening in a protective acrylic window.
  • There is a short ladder to climb at the octopus exhibit.