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VIP Experience: Penguins/Seals and Sea Lions

Temporarily on Hiatus

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Robin Riggs

These private one-on-one experiences connect you with some of our most popular Aquarium animals. Meet an array of weird, fuzzy, silly, intriguing and amazing animals! The two-hour tours feature close encounters with two different animals as well as a customized behind-the-scenes tour. Come learn and explore with our most seasoned education and husbandry staff and learn what it takes to care for marine animals.

Premium Penguin/Seals and Sea Lions Encounter

Start the day with a penguin playdate and then hang out with our energetic seals and sea lions in this morning V.I.P. Experience. Enter the penguin’s and seal’s & sea lion’s exhibits for an opportunity to feed and interact with them!

Notes: * Not ADA Accessible