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The Urban Ocean: World Port and Sea Life Cruise

Long Beach skyline from a boat - popup
Long Beach Skyline Aquarium of the Pacific/Andrew Reitsma

The Pacific waters off Southern California host a variety of industrial and recreational activities and also provide habitat for a diverse array of animals. In this place of high intensity, massive ships from around the world sail past whales on the way to the two of the nation’s busiest ports. Here, windsurfers and sailboats glide by sea lions and offshore oil islands. Embark on a journey aboard a double-decker yacht to visit one of the most distinctive sections of the local coastline and experience the wonders of Southern California’s urban ocean. During this 2 to 2.5 hour voyage you can explore the urban ocean around the shores of Long Beach and San Pedro. Gaining access to sail through local ports, passengers can see wildlife that dwells above and at the ocean’s surface surrounding this complex. Guests can also learn what life is like living in the urban ocean, where wildlife interacts and coexists with human life.