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Teacher Family Day

Enjoy a day at the Aquarium!

Teachers are invited to treat themselves to a day of wonder and exploration at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Education staff and informational tables will be available from 9:00 to 12:00 pm for teachers to learn more about field trip opportunities, upcoming workshops and other resources. Friends and family will also receive discounted admission, so bring them along to discover something new. There is so much to see! You are welcome to stay for day to see it all.

Bring your parking ticket in with you to receive the $8 rate in the parking structure.

Eligibility: This event is intended for teachers and support staff working in schools. Please bring a school or district ID, pay-stub, union card, or other proof of eligibility.

Shot of the Aquarium's Great Hall from 2nd story showcasing Blue Whale model
Event Information

Cost $7 admission to all preK-12 teachers and school support staff with valid identification. Friends and family are only $10 per person with a limit of four (4).
Tickets Reserve tickets online.
RSVP (562) 590-3100, ext. 0