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Junior Biologist: Northern Pacific

What adaptations do animals have for the cold?

Do you know a budding marine biologist? The Junior Biologist series of programs at the Aquarium will encourage a love of science in your seven- to twelve-year-old child.

Each 2-hour class includes theme related activities, guided gallery tour, interaction with our animal care staff behind-the-scenes, and a keepsake journal.

Northern Pacific:

The Aquarium of the Pacific represents three regions of the Pacific Ocean; discover the special adaptations animals have to live in the chilly waters of the northern coast. During this 2-hour program your seven- to twelve-year-old child will:

  • Touch animals in our private classroom touch pools
  • Take a guided tour of the Northern Pacific gallery while completing a scavenger hunt
  • Watch one of our animal care staff feed our giant Pacific octopus behind-the-scenes*
  • Record observations in a keepsake journal

Other activities may include:

  • Use a world map to identify the North Pacific
  • Conduct an experiment to create water that is as cold as North Pacific waters
  • Feel the warmth blubber can offer warm-blooded animals
  • Touch real sea otter fur
  • Practice feeding like a baleen whale

*The Aquarium reserves the right to change the animal interactions without notice due to animal safety, exhibit maintenance, or animal health reasons.

Junior Biologist: Northern Pacific
Event Information

Cost $29.00 per child
$25.00 for members
Aquarium admission not included
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Members, please call to purchase your discounted tickets.
Ages 7-12 years old
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