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Children, Family and Adult Programs

Children, Family and Adult Programs

We have something fun and educational for all ages! 

From infants in strollers to adults, we are sure to have something to tempt the marine enthusiast in you!

Your Aquarium Field Trip

Your Aquarium Field Trip

Thank you for your interest in bringing a field trip to the Aquarium.

We look forward to introducing you and your students to over 11,000 animals that call the Pacific Ocean their home.

Special Programming Features

Ctenophores: The Other Jellyfish

Upcoming Public Programs

July 30, 2015 7:00 PM—8:30 PM

Ctenophores: The Other Jellyfish  buttonLink

Claudia Mills has studied sea jellies and ctenophores for decades. She will share her knowledge of the seventy-five species she works with out of her lab on San Juan Island off the coast of Washington state.

Tips for a Great Field Trip

Tips For a Great Field Trip  buttonLink

Use these resources to help create a meaningful field trip and to learn more about how to lead your students.

Newly created standards-based

Chaperone Field Trip Guides  buttonLink

The Aquarium is proud to introduce its newly created standards-based Chaperone Field Trip Guides.

Public Programs Calendar

Job Shadow: Mammalogist

Upcoming Public Programs

August 1, 2015 9:00 AM—12:00 PM

Job Shadow: Mammalogist ButtonLink

Want to be an animal trainer when you grow up?

Husbandry has nothing to do with finding a mate, and everything to do with animal healthcare. Learn how our mammalogists care for our marine mammals.