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Why I Love the Furball

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Thursday, November 08, 2012


Top 10 Reasons

Gidget is my favorite sea otter. When I miss my Aquarium volunteer shift due to being out of town on business trips I tend to go through otter withdrawal symptoms from not being around this adorable ball of fur. Why do I have such affection for this member of the Enhydra lutris species? Here are the top ten reasons why I love the Furball.

10: Her cries as a pup made a great ringtone for my phone.
9: Only sea otter I know of that has taken a self-portrait of herself and her caretaker with a digital camera.
8: She has a mean back beat when she’s banging muscle shells on the deck like a drummer.
7: Her fur makes a great chamois to wipe excess clam juice off your hands with. And you don’t have to wring it clean afterwards. She’ll do it for you when she grooms herself.
6: Always seems to really appreciate the snowballs I make just for her during otter ice patch enrichment time.
5: Her expressive eyes remind me of the eyes of a female anime character and her physical antics remind me of Charlie Chaplin.
4: Will help you out when you accidentally drop something in the water by diving down and retrieving it for you. And she won’t make you feel like a dummy for dropping it in the first place.
3: Actually truly seems to be happy to see you again when you’ve been gone for a while on a business trip.
2: Got to love such a resilient critter. She started out life rough as an orphaned pup. When rescued she was too old to be placed into a surrogate otter mom program and too young to survive in the wild by herself. Basically having nowhere to go she somehow beat the odds and managed to make her way to Long Beach to find a home.
1: The Number One reason I love the Furball is…she’s the otter that began my Adventures in “Otter Space” 4 years ago this fall when I first babysat her as a pup.

Why I Love the Furball
Gidget's eyes are very expressive.  | Hugh Ryono
Why I Love the Furball
Gidget's physical antics sometimes remind me of the amusing way Charlie Chaplin moved in his silent movies so...  | Hugh Ryono
Why I Love the Furball
While bored in a hotel room during a business trip I decided to photoshop Gidget as the "Little Tramp" from a Charlie Chaplin Movie.  | Hugh Ryono

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