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Welcome to “Olliewood” - The Comic

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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Ollie the comic book star.

As a special treat this week I am sharing a few panels from a just-for-fun unofficial comic book starring the Aquarium’s adorable young sea otter Ollie.

I’ve been shooting a lot of images of Ollie the sea otter as she grows up at the Aquarium of the Pacific. With the cuteness she constantly displays and the sometimes comical antics she performs I thought that these moments needed to be preserved in something other than a single still photograph form.

For several years now I’ve taken a few of my images of the critters at the Aquarium and constructed some unofficial, anthropomorphic, G-Rated, picture comic books for the husbandry staff to enjoy as a morale booster. I felt that Ollie deserved a comic book devoted to her. Unlike most of the other comics that I’ve made before that were mainly of interest to the volunteers and staff at the Aquarium of the Pacific, Ollie’s comic book was a bit more universal in its appeal so I thought I’d share a few of the panels from it.

The “Welcome to Olliewood” cover panel page refers to the fact that despite all the toys and things to investigate that she had in her play area Ollie seemed to prefer being around people in boots. What’s in the word balloon is exactly what I was thinking when Ollie was hanging out by my boots in the picture. Oddly if you didn’t have boots on she wasn’t quite as interested in you. The second panel page shows off how cute Ollie was when she first arrived at the Aquarium of the Pacific as an orphaned pup.

The third panel page involves our senior female otter Brook. Brook is the otter that our young sea otters are first introduced to before they are integrated into the exhibit with the rest of the otters. Brook has a lot of patience when it comes to little ones despite how annoying they can be to older otters through their playfulness. The page also references the fact that when Ollie finally entered the main exhibit, Gidget, the otter that I often refer to as the “Furball”, was no longer the youngest and cutest in the sea otter exhibit.

The fourth panel page features a wonderful moment right after Brook met Ollie when the senior otter and the junior otter swam together for the first time in a synchronous water ballet that was quite touching to watch.

The last panel page features some recent moments with Ollie at the Aquarium.

I’m sure there will be many more “Olliewood” moments in the future.

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