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Watching Penguins from the Under-look

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Thursday, May 19, 2016


Watching Penguins from the Under-look
In the under-look penguins swim toward you and above you.

The June Keyes Penguin Habitat's Under-look-Hugh Aquarium Views Number 9

It’s one of the most relaxing and meditative places in the Aquarium. The penguin under-look at the June Keyes Penguin Habitat allows you to become immersed amongst swimming penguins.

In the first hour that the Aquarium of the Pacific is open in the morning, one of the spots to be is sitting in the penguin under-look. This cave-like structure allows you to not only see penguins swimming toward you but also over you. During this morning hour the penguins are usually getting their swim in and are looking for an excuse to check out the people in the under-look. For me it is one of my “Happy places”. Of course later in the day we all should be conscious of allowing others to join in on the penguin under-look experience. For kids and adults it’s the penguin place to be. It even features a padded ground so you won’t skin your knee if you have to crawl in.

Check out this week’s Hugh Aquarium Views Video to see what I am talking about.

Watching Penguins from the Under-look
The cave like penguin under-look features a padded ground so you won't skin your knee crawling in.

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