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Tune In to Live Lectures Online

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Guest Speaker Series

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Are you the kind of person who would try and come up with a question your teacher couldn’t answer? Do you wish you could have dinner with Stephen Hawking so you could ask him about black holes? Are you one of those people who actually stop and read the signs in museums because you can’t stand looking at something without understanding what it is and why it’s there? You, my inquisitive friend, are exactly the kind of curious person who will want to know about the Aquarium’s live streaming lecture series.

Through the end of this year, we’ll be streaming selected lectures live on our website for free. Guest speakers include an ethnobotanist who researches rainforest medicinal plants, a team led by the Aquarium’s vet that rehabilitated and released a green sea turtle, a sound expert who travels the world recording animal noises, and a field biologist who studies dolphins. Viewers will be able to see and hear the entire presentation, and they will be able to ask questions via Twitter.

The Aquarium’s lecture series brings experts in their respective fields to our Ocean Theater, allowing visitors to get in-depth information directly from the source. Through web streaming technology made possible by Camzone, the Aquarium’s lectures can now reach a much broader audience: anyone with an internet-connected computer.

For a list of the lectures that will be streamed online, click here.

Want to participate in the live Q&A after the lecture? Tweet your questions to us (@AquariumPacific) and include a hashtag with the speaker’s last name (for example, #aopsmith or #aopjones).

We hope you’ll tune in for our next lecture on June 20 at 7:00 p.m. Virtual high-five to all the curious folks out there!

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