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Three Days in a Week

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Well, there was a lot going on for me this week at the Aquarium. I’ll start with the barbecue.

On Tuesday evening there was a barbecue at Shark Lagoon for all Aquarium staff members, paid or not. The barbecue took place to celebrate the end of summer, which is the busiest season for the Aquarium. Everything was beautiful and was set up really nice. There was a live band (the band was AWESOME by the way), plenty of great food, plenty of great people, and of course, lots of cool sharks. I had so much fun. It was really nice of everyone to do that for us.

Then there was Saturday. We happened to have quite a few volunteers that day, so I got to do some “extra stuff”. Usually the extra things we get to do if we have enough people are staffing Lorikeet Forest, Shark Lagoon, Seal and Sea Lions, Tropical Gallery, and occasionally the whale cart. The ones that I happened to staff were Shark Lagoon and Lorikeet Forest. Basically at Shark Lagoon, I had to remind people to not touch the bonnethead shark because it was still getting used to the exhibit. One of the guests decided that he wanted to help me out with that, which was nice of him. He said that he’d been interested in working at the Aquarium for quite a while. He knew quite a lot, so he would be a great addition to the team. In Lorikeet Forest, I just walked around and assisted folks who were trying to get the birds’ attention to drink nectar from their cups, getting unwanted birds off of people, and playing with the birds myself! One of the Lorikeets named Max was getting kind of nibbly… but that just goes along with the job I guess! I still enjoyed it.

Sunday was the Behind the Scenes Night for members of the Aquarium. I had volunteered for this event last year also. It was one of my favorites. Last year I monitored the line that led to Shark Lagoon, Sunday I was staffing the Reptile Room. The Reptile Room is located in one of the classrooms, kind of in the back. The room itself was pretty small, but it had plenty of creatures in it. There was a rosy boa, a blue tongued skink, and a bearded dragon. Also, we had some archer fish along with an albino Chinese algae eater. It was all neat stuff. My favorite was probably the rosy boa. It’s so cute and tiny! Anyway, it was interesting being in that room because it was my first time and there were a lot of new things I learned. I wish the Reptile Room was on the regular Saturday schedule.

Well, I’m going to the Aquarium two weeks in a row this time. Last week was the fifth Saturday, this week is the first. I go every odd Saturday, so that’s just how it works out. Fine by me!

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