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Therapeutic Enrichment

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Monday, June 30, 2014


Therapeutic Enrichment
A lorikeet recovering behind the scenes enjoys an enrichment device to help in her recovery.  | Dominique Richardson

A few people have asked about using enrichment to help sick or injured animals. Because enrichment is intended to enhance well being, it can be a lot more than just fun. When properly planned and supervised, enrichment can be used therapeutically, to help animals in recuperation or to give them an outlet for unwanted behaviors. A great example of this is one of our lorikeets currently behind the scenes, Cade. She is recovering from an injury. Just like a dog or cat needs to wear a cone to keep them from licking their injury while they heal, Cade must wear a tiny cone as she recovers. However, with the cone she can’t preen herself, a regular and comforting activity for a lorikeet. To speed Cade along in a happy and more comfortable recovery, we gave Cade an enrichment consisting of a ball filled with sterilized feathers peeking out for her to groom. Cade was so excited to see all of the feathers…feathers she was allowed to preen! She hopped about cleaning, tugging, and straightening each and every feather as she preened her enrichment. Cade is in good spirits and cheerily occupied with her enrichment! Here’s to a speedy recovery, Cade!

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