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The Summer Interns Have Arrived!

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Friday, June 01, 2012


And we’re just waiting on the blues to arrive too!

Three times a year I go through many applications trying to figure out how I’m going to decide which interns to bring on for out Photo ID internship. It’s no easy task and I can tell you there are MANY college students and graduates that truly care about the Earth. As I have to do each time, I’ve narrowed it down to four interns that have just joined the Aquarium team to help protect blue whales.

The Aquarium of the Pacific partnered with Cascadia Research Collective back in June of 2010 to aid in the collection of data in regards to blue whales and the shipping lanes. To help me with this process I thought it would be best to create an internship to allow college students and recent graduates the opportunity to be out on the boats and see what it’s like to collect data for a renowned whale research facility.

Now that summer is just around the corner it’s time to start prepping the new interns for an amazing summer. About three weeks ago our four summer interns arrived. We have Lauren, Stefania, Marty, and Kaitlyn.

Lauren has her B.S. in Biology from Middle Tennessee State University and originally thought she was going to be a paleontologist. Once she realized that wasn’t for her and wanted to shower more than once a week, she packed up and came to California to explore other avenues.

Stefania joins us from British Columbia. She has her B.S. in Marine Biology. She says her “dream job is to work at an aquarium creating engaging live exhibits that inspire people to care about the ocean.” We’re very excited to show her what Southern California is like in the summer and how amazing the ocean life is here!

Marty is in his fourth year at Pepperdine University. Some of his previous work experience includes researching grunions, and researching the effects of shore erosion on the sand crab population on Malibu Beaches. I know that Marty’s experience will be a major asset to the team!

Kaitlyn is our fourth intern. She’s currently a biology student at Santiago Canyon College. Kaitlyn has been working with the Aquarium for the last year as an education volunteer and we’re excited to have her join us on the boats as an official Photo ID intern!

As we anxiously await the blue whales, it’s going to be a very busy time learning all the procedures for data collection and photo IDing. The interns will be responsible for collecting detailed data on all of our whale watches, perfecting the use of a DSLR camera and shooting with telephotos lenses, learning to photo ID individual whales, and most importantly, getting their sea legs! We all know they will be out on the water more than most of us! If you’re in the mood to get on a boat in the near future, make sure and say hi to the new photo ID interns. They’ll be the ones with the clipboard and camera!

The Summer Interns Have Arrived!
Stefania joins the Photo ID internship from British Columbia!  | Stefania Gorgopa
The Summer Interns Have Arrived!
Marty is going into his fourth year at Pepperdine University!  | Marty Garcia
The Summer Interns Have Arrived!
Lauren originally wanted to be a paleontologist. We're glad she changed her mind!  | Lauren Gooch

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