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The Aquarium’s Critters Seen from a Different Angle

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Thursday, September 29, 2011


When you take a look at the Aquarium’s critters from a slightly different view point you may see things you didn’t notice before. Seen from ground level a seal happily “skips” along with her trainer. Seen from his point-of-view, a sea lion makes an exciting high-speed head-on pass with one of his exhibit mates. These are just two unique views of the critters at the Aquarium of the Pacific that you’ll see in this week’s blog in the video “The Aquarium’s Critters from a Different Angle”!

When I decided to experiment using a GoPro waterproof camera with the critters of the Aquarium of the Pacific I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew that training Milo the sea lion to take the camera along as he porpoised through the exhibit would give us some unique point-a-view shots. What I wasn’t expecting was learning just how precise and exciting Milo’s maneuvers underwater were. At high speeds he not only did some acrobatic porpoises. He also showed how agile he is in his watery realm as he executed a close head on pass with Harpo the sea lion and then executed a Split-S maneuver just like a military jet in a dogfight to reverse his direction. Some Top Gun action from Milo the sea lion that would have made an old fighter pilot smile.

Placing the camera on a target pole I trailed it behind me toward Shelby the harbor seal as she followed me around the exhibit. A harbor seal’s movements on land are usually described as being pretty basic. We’re usually told that they slowly crawl along inchworm-like on the deck. What I saw in Shelby was a seal not inching along but instead happily and rapidly “skipping” along the ground like an excited little kid heading to their favorite park. Who knew that seals skipped? Taking a fresh look at animals from a different point of view can yield so much new perspective on how they interact with their world.

Take a look at some of the Aquarium’s critters from a different angle in the video below! You’ll not only see these two animals but also curious penguins behind the scenes, lorikeets, and puffins checking out the camera close up. A unique look at a large sand tiger shark as he swims along the exhibit glass seen from inside Shark Lagoon and even a cute trainer’s view of Brook the sea otter during a training session.


The Aquarium’s Critters Seen from a Different Angle
Aquarist Dee Ann wears the GoPro camera while working in Shark Lagoon to get a unique view of the sharks.  | Hugh Ryono

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