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Talk About a Perfect Whale Overlap!

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Thursday, December 01, 2011


From blue whale season to gray whale season

Around this time when we first move into gray whale season, it can be slow at time when we’re anxiously waiting for the first gray whales to pass by. So far this year we’ve had no slow times at all!

A few weeks ago we switched from blue whale watching to dolphin and sea life cruises. This is the time when we go out looking for wild life in the area and find what we can find, knowing that most of the blue whales are gone and the gray whales aren’t quite here yet. This year there was hardly any waiting time! About 4 weeks ago I heard that some of the first gray whales were spotted heading south and about 2 weeks later we had our first gray whale sightings! That’ a lot sooner than we’ve seen gray whales in previous years!

From what I hear, the gray whales in the lagoons last year were plentiful and there were a lot of calves born. If that’s the case, we should have another extraordinary year! Although we’re still in the beginning of the season for gray whales, it can still be a little spotty as we wait for the big chunk to get here. However, that doesn’t mean whale sightings are down. Even though we aren’t seeing gray whales every day, we are still seeing quite a few other whales, like fin whales and minke whales!

Just when we thought the larger, krill eating, whales were gone; they give us another great show of lunge feeding at the surface! I’ll always say that no whale will surprise you more than a fin whale. At times they can be the most frustrating whales to watch, and then they’ll completely surprise you and show better than any whales you’ve ever seen.

If you’re looking for something to do, it hasn’t been slow on the boats. We’ve got the first gray whales traveling by and lots of fin and minke whales to keep us company as we wait for the amazing gray whale to migrate past us as they head south for the winter.

Talk About a Perfect Whale Overlap!
Two gray whales pass by close to the boat on their way south.  | Sarah Schmits
Talk About a Perfect Whale Overlap!
A great picture of a fin whale's head out of the water. Notice the bottom right jaw!  | Kevin Yoshimoto
Talk About a Perfect Whale Overlap!
Two fin whales are feeding. Even the birds are getting in on the krill.  | Kevin Yoshimoto

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