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Sneak Peak at Sea Lion Art

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Thursday, October 08, 2009


Parker, Milo and Harpo the sea lions have completed their masterpieces for the Aquarium of the Pacific’s upcoming Sea Fare. Check out the accompanying pictures of their artwork.

These paintings are collector items as they are the first art pieces made our sea lions up for auction. The paintings come in a nice frame and are paired with a photo of the sea lion with their paint brushes.

The Artists


Parker is the biggest of our three sea lion artists. He’s also the most lovable of the three, at least to the folks that work with him. He often brings a smile to the face of the staff as he will go out of his way to try to please you during a training session but in a Jim Carrey sort of way, sometimes tripping over his own flippers or offering a funny facial expression or posture that just causes you to burst out laughing.

His combination of bold bush strokes and colors in his painting brings a bit of a comical look to, what appears to me, is his impression of sea nettles.


Milo is the most people oriented of the three. He always seems to be interested in what people are doing. You can often find him following guests in the morning as they walk through the underwater viewing tunnel of the pinniped exhibit.

Milo’s painting reminds me of a long exposure photograph of colorful tropical fish swimming through a seaweed forest.


Harpo is the most aptly named of the three. His mannerisms reminds me of the Marx Brothers character whose name he shares. Like his namesake, Harpo seldom speaks but you can see the devilishness in his eyes as he takes in a situation. During one session I felt like one of the characters in a Marx Brother movie because no matter how seriously I was working with him he kept on putting his flipper into my hand just like the cinema Harpo would keep getting his antagonist to hold his leg during one of the movie’s comical scenes.

His painting appears to me to be his impression of a clownfish swimming out from an anemone on a coral reef, done in the blueness of the filter light of the shallows.

??? As a teaser—There also may be a surprise animal artist’s artwork at the Aquarium of the Pacific’s Sea Fare.

Check out the Sea Fare and our sea lion’s art work!

Sneak Peak at Sea Lion Art
Parker's impression of sea nettles.
Sneak Peak at Sea Lion Art
Harpo's impression of a tropical fish.
Sneak Peak at Sea Lion Art
Harpo's impression of a clownfish.

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Friday, October 09, 2009 12:02 PM

If I’m not able to get one during the acution, hopefully you’ll have prints for sell in your store.  Great work Parker, Milo and Harpo!

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