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Sea Otter’s New Point of View

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Hugh's Aquarium Views Video Number 78

After a meal, all good little sea otters brush their teeth. Ollie the sea otter recently learned how to have her teeth brushed. She also helped me capture a unique point of view while she ate.

Recently I decided to try a unique perspective of an otter eating while standing. I decided to have Ollie the sea otter help me capture this new angle. Fortunately, Ollie had me as a surrogate otter pop while growing up so she is very used to cameras being around her when I am around as you’ll see in the video.

Not only does the staff at the Aquarium of the Pacific look after the dietary needs of the sea otters, they also provide their dental care. Mammalogist Erin recently taught Ollie how to have her teeth brushed. It’s actually kind of cute to watch. Check out the video of not only the cute new point of view of me and Ollie during a session but also of Ollie having her teeth brushed by Mammologist Erin.