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Sea Otter Slam Dunk

Maggie does a slam dunk - popup
Maggie does a slam dunk

Hugh's Aquarium Views Video Number 45

Maggie the sea otter showed off her hoop skills recently by demonstrating some slam dunking and rim hanging.

In this week’s video you can watch Maggie as she takes the assist from volunteer Robin and carries the ball to the hoop (a floating donut toy) to slam it down the middle. She even posturized a dunk by hanging on the rim while staring at the camera.

Robin and I, by the way, are the only two volunteers that have been continuously volunteering with the mammal and bird department at the Aquarium of the Pacific since before it opened in 1998. With nearly two decades of experience working with the critter at the aquarium the animals really know and trust us. For example on Saturdays Robin is known as the “Maggie Whisperer” because how well she works with this particular sea otter. It’s no wonder that Maggie showed off her b-ball skills for her by demonstrating her spin moves, dribbling skills, pump fakes and slam dunks.

Check out the video of Maggie showing off her basketball moves.