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Penguins are Habit-Forming

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Thursday, May 08, 2014


Penguins are Habit-Forming
Hanging out with the wee waddling wayfarers known as Magellanic Penguins at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

I must admit that my one of my favorite stress relievers after a rough week is being around the June Keyes Penguin Habitat at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Why penguins? Well I get to smile at the sitcom-like antics of these wee waddling wayfarers known as Magellanic Penguins. Like Newsom being mesmerized by bubbles created by an aviculturist as if they were magic fairies floating by. Or a group of them getting together for a penguin karaoke sing along. I also get to be intrigued by the soap opera-like relationships that some of these titillating tuxedoed temptresses get into during breeding season. Who’s been nesting with who? Did Henry finally find true live? Will Kate and Avery fulfill their destiny and finally become a couple? It is also neat to watch their relationship with their caretakers, the Aquarium’s aviculturists, who you can tell that some penguins think of them as parental figures while others think of them as potential mates.

Why watch television soap operas and sitcoms at home when you can just come down to Long Beach and be entertained by these priceless piquant penguins? Access to all this is available by just hanging out at June Keyes. They’ll bring a smile to your face. Check them out in the serendipitously shot video below and you’ll see what I mean.

BTW: The names in the credits are all penguins at the Aquarium.

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