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Otter Wish List

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Tuesday, April 02, 2013


It was one of the cutest and most fun enrichment sessions I’ve had with the otters.

A simple child-like teething toy that the Furball was greatly enjoying was bringing a big smile to my face. As she chewed and tugged on the durable plaything I thought to myself how neat it was that such a simple item could bring so much happiness to this otter. There were several different toys and treats in the exhibit for the otters that day and the Furball was doing her best to enjoy all of them.

Enrichment items such as the ones pictured with the Furball and Odin are just some of the things this month on the Animal Care Wish List. In a wonderful program set up by the Aquarium the public can help the husbandry staff obtain items like these to add to the mental and physical health of the animals through this wish list. Sort of like a bridal registry for our furry little critters. Check it out at http://www.aquariumofpacific.org/wishlist

Who knows? These items may show up in a future blog or video.

Otter Wish List
The Furball squeezes a ball during the same session as the first pictures.  | Hugh Ryono
Otter Wish List
Even older otters like toys. Here Odin plays with a ball in the exhibit.  | Hugh Ryono

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