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Otter Dreams and Other Things

Otter Spa Day - popup

Hugh's Aquarium Views Video Number 74

Nearly everyone has a “Happy Place” that they can dream about. My happy place dreams tend to have a lot of otters and other critters in it. In this week’s Hugh’s Aquarium Views video I try to visually interpret and share some those happy place dreams.

The video starts out with sea otters Chloe, Maggie and Betty having a spa day behind the scenes. Recording in “tiny planet” mode gives an appropriate dreamlike quality to the clip.

We then move on to longtime Aquarium of the Pacific resident Gigi the stilt bathing in slow motion. Watching Gigi makes me hope that one day someone will create a new dance move called the bathing stilt.

The next clip has Chloe the sea otter having fun picking up a toy from the bottom of the exhibit. This is followed by a timelapse of Chase the sea lion playing fetch by himself with a toy of his own.

The video ends with a boop from Charlie the sea otter.