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Octopus In Space Tongue-in-Cheek Thursday

Little_Red_the_Octopus_in_Space-screen_capture.png - popup
A screen capture of Little Red the octopus in space.

Hugh's Aquarium Views Video Number 53

When I watched Little Red the octopus get in her puzzle box during an enrichment session a couple of videos ago I couldn’t help but think of how it reminded me of an astronaut getting into a space capsule while orbiting the earth. So because of the way my mind works I started to think that if you could put a roadster into space why not an octopus? I’ve always enjoyed putting my thoughts into action so I put my concept of an octopus in space into a video using some old public domain NASA images as background and a Sputnik-like beep as a soundtrack.

Now of course an octopus in space needs a recovery crew to catch her after re-entry so what better than Betty the sea otter with a lifebuoy?

So check out this short Tongue in Cheek video of astronaut Little Red the octopus.