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Octopus Bowl

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Thursday, January 28, 2016


Octopus Bowl
The Giant Pacific Octopus investigates a football.

An octopus investigates a football. The latest Hugh's Aquarium Views video

It’s seemed only appropriate though coincidental that the Aquarium of the Pacific’s Giant Pacific Octopus checked out a football the same week that the Rams Football Team announces its return to Los Angeles.

Aquarist Angelina likes to keep the giant Pacific octopus under her care mentally stimulated. In the past she’s given the “GPO” children’s toys to investigate and jars to open. Recently she let the octopus investigate a football. The giant Pacific octopus uses its arms and suckers to feel and taste the object it’s investigating.

While watching the GPO handle the football it reminded me of a quarterback fading back after the snap while looking for a receiver to throw a pass to in the end zone. It looked pretty professional. Maybe the Rams should give it a tryout next season.

Check out the video of the octopus with the football. The video is narrated by aquarist Angelina.

Octopus Bowl
Angelina and the GPO have a great relationship which allows her to regularly interact with the octopus.  | Chris Corpus

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