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Thursday, March 01, 2012


The Aquarium's Critters Starring in their Own Comics

A few more comics featuring some of the Aquarium of the Pacific’s critters to help brighten your week.

The first comic panel features Lola the very charismatic Sulfur Crested Cockatoo doing his best Obi-Wan Kenobi impression. Lola is the most popular program animal at the Aquarium.

The second comic panel page shows a recent moment I had with the Magellanic Penguins in their holding pad. I was sitting in their pad watching them swim in their pool when Patsy decided to come up out of the water via their access ramp. All of a sudden all of the penguins decided to follow the lead of Patsy and cued up behind her. It reminded me of troops marching in line formation. I could just imagine them calling out cadence songs as they marched along the deck towards me. [Editor’s note: the penguins are still behind the scenes and will debut in May.]

The third comic panel page shows another recent moment I had, this time with our sea otters. We placed a huge pile of ice on the deck and hung out to watch the otters jump into the pile. Normally it’s the youngsters Gidget and Ollie that monopolize the ice but on this particular day all the otters decided to pile onto the ice at the same time. It was the first time that I had gotten a picture of all five of the otters on the deck at the same time. It was quite the party they had on the ice.

The fourth comic panel features Ellie the harbor seal. Ellie is one of the original critters of the Aquarium of the Pacific. Ellie is actually an Atlantic harbor seal and came to the Aquarium from a facility in Brooklyn where she was originally born.

The last comic panel page has Brook as a third base baseball coach. Being a former amateur baseball player myself I’ve noticed that when Brook is grooming the fur on her head it reminds me of a baseball coach giving signals to a runner on base.

I’ll periodically feature more comics in future blogs. Stay tuned.

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