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Meet the Aquarium’s “Reporter”

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Have you ever wondered how the Aquarium acquires its sea stars or how many people it takes to clean the entire Tropical Reef exhibit each week? And just who is underneath that sting ray suit in the annual Christmas parade anyway? My name is Claire, and I hope to be able to answer some of those questions in my blog posts. It’s my mission to bring to you, our loyal readers, some of the most interesting stories that go on behind the scenes here at the Aquarium.

My background, oddly enough, is in art history. Even though most parents are not thrilled about their college students’ job prospects when they hear they’ve selected art history as a major, I like to tell people it’s actually like getting a major in writing and analysis. You have to be able to study an image, think about its creation in the context of its time and place, then using the written word make an argument as to its meaning. That’s a fancy way of saying I had to learn to think on paper.

That skill led me to a career in writing, which brought me to the Aquarium at the end of last year. My main job here is writing and editing articles for our quarterly member magazine, Pacific Currents. There are other publications to help with too, as well as media events and film shoots that take place regularly here. You’d be surprised how often we have news crews, TV shows, and commercials filming at the Aquarium! And I’m often lucky enough to get to help out. In February that meant being on the scene when James Cameron was here to film an underwater interview in our Blue Cavern exhibit! Not only did I get to see the director of Avatar and the Terminator movies up close, but I had the pleasure of telling our first early morning Aquarium visitors that he was diving that morning and watching their faces light up.

As the editor of Pacific Currents, I have my ear to the ground for good stories we can use in the magazine and I end up learning a lot about how the Aquarium runs. In my next blog post, I’ll share with you how members of our husbandry department recently traveled to Alaska to select specimens for upcoming exhibits and explore further options for acquiring animals from that state.

Meanwhile, if there’s anything you’re curious about, feel free to submit questions to me by leaving a comment below.

Meet the Aquarium’s “Reporter”
James Cameron preparing for his dive and underwater interview in Blue Cavern in promotion of his new movie Sanctum.  | Steve Payne

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Eve Schleich

Thursday, February 24, 2011 05:01 PM

Excellent use of your degree, I think. I am still searching for the perfect career with my linguistics, other than volunteer singing…Good job!

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