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Lost on the Bus but at Home at the Aquarium

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Thursday, November 01, 2007


So, in order to get to the Aquarium on last Sunday night I needed to take the bus. Now, I hardly ever take the bus, but my dad does all the time. So he told me that I needed to get off at “the end of the line”. I had ridden the bus with him before to the Aquarium and when I did and the end of the line came, everyone got off the bus. So that’s what I was waiting for…and everyone didn’t get off of the bus, so I assumed that we hadn’t reached the end yet. Eventually I figured out that I was lost and had to have my dad pick me up at some random place. Not fun, but at least I didn’t get to the Aquarium super late like I had imagined happening.

This was a week in which I, again, went to the Aquarium three days. I already wrote about the open house for teachers, and on Saturday I had my regular volunteering. Sunday was New Member Night! I was really excited to go. I remember how New Member Night was my very first event while I was in Service Learning that I didn’t have to stay at the craft tables for. I got to be the “classroom greeter” which was a big deal to me. I actually got to do something other than supervise children doing crafts. Not that I had anything against that at all. It’s just that greeting was something I’d never done before. Needless to say that I enjoyed it very much. I had many happy spurts that night. :]

Anyway, while working the event as an Education volunteer, it was just as fun, if not more. I got a chance to staff an area that I usually don’t at events which was the touch pools in the classrooms. I hadn’t been there in a while. It was me along with a brand new trainee, Michelle. It was quite eventful. As I came from Shark Lagoon and into the classrooms, a few guests managed to get their fingers stuck to the undersides of sea stars. Let me tell you, it was a task gently prying off those stars! Note to future guests: it’s perfectly fine to touch the tube feet of the sea stars, just don’t leave your fingers there too long! :]. A little while after I got to the classrooms, people started coming less and less. It was a nice time for me to just walk around the room and take a look at the creatures in a small aquarium. Also, I drew on the board a bit. People would come in occasionally and I would jump back behind the touch pool. It still amazes me how smart some of those kids are! When I was seven I wouldn’t even have known what a horn shark was(other than a type of shark…), or even how to identify one. But, these two little boys were very knowledgeable.

I’ll see what other things those clever kids of Long Beach know next time I volunteer.

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Alexi Holford's avatar

Alexi Holford

Monday, November 05, 2007 07:45 PM

cool! It is nice that you were trying to take the bus, but I can understand your frustration.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007 04:54 PM

Hello Alexi! Yeah, missing my stop was a pretty frustrating experience. Oh well. It’s over now. It’s a good thing in disguise I guess because now I know where “the end of the line” really is!

Jillian, yes volunteering at events is tons of fun! You do a great job of putting them together. :D But my favorite exhibit at the Aquarium would probably have to be the Tropical Gallery. There’s not much volunteer work to do there though, so my favorite volunteering spot is proabaly the ray pool.

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