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Lorikeet Feeding Frenzy Time Lapse

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Thursday, November 20, 2014


Lorikeet Feeding Frenzy Time Lapse
Aviculturalists set up an enrichment of hanging fruits onto a tree for the lorikeets. I set up an iPhone in time-lapse mode to capture the action.

Just when you thought it was safe for apples to go back up onto trees.

The staff at the Aquarium of the Pacific placed apples and pears up onto a favorite perching tree in Lorikeet Forest. To capture the birds feasting upon this cornucopia of hanging fruit I placed an iPhone 6 in time-lapse mode on a tripod facing the tree. The results were amazing to watch. The scenes from this feeding frenzy would make even the sharks in Shark Lagoon nervously laugh.

Check it out below.

Lorikeet Feeding Frenzy Time Lapse
A lorikeet giving me the "Hello. May I hang out with you?" as I prepared to capture time-lapse video.
Lorikeet Feeding Frenzy Time Lapse
The lorikeets near the end of their feeding frenzy.

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