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Looks like the Cow/Calf Pairs Are Late for Dinner!

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Friday, March 25, 2011


Normally by this time in the season we’re seeing a good amount of cow/calf pairs of gray whales passing by us in Long Beach. This year it seems like they’re a little behind, but the singles and juveniles are still giving us a good show!

To date there have only been three cow/calf pairs that have passed by. These gray whales are always pretty easy to find because they stay very close to shore and sometimes will even venture inside the harbor. They prefer being close to shore because they can hide in the kelp if their predators, mainly orcas, are around and on the prowl.

Although the number of new babies is low for our sightings at this time in the year, that doesn’t mean there aren’t many. From what I’ve heard they’re just late leaving the lagoons and the numbers are looking good. It seems like the whole season has been a little late.

While we’re waiting for the new grays of the season to come passing by we’re still getting quite the show from the singles and juveniles. Just last week some gray whales were spotted mating on the weekend trip! That’s definitely not something you’ll see on the average trip. In addition to the mating, there have also been a few breaching whales that have given a great show. One in particular was moving around so much that our intern, Noor, on board that day got a great head shot of the whale and you can see it looking out at us.

As the rain starts to clear up, now is a great time to venture out and search for some gray whales. With this year being full of gray whales, lots of breaching, and even mating, I can only imagine what the cow/calf pairs will have in store for us once they finally pass by as they head up to the summer feeding grounds for the summer.

Looks like the Cow/Calf Pairs Are Late for Dinner!
One of the many grays whales we've seen breaching this season on the boats.  | Noor Abdul-Hafiz

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