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Little Red the Octopus and the Puzzle Box

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Little Red the Red Octopus and the enrichment puzzle box with a shrimp inside.

Hugh's Aquarium Views Video Number 50

Aquarist JJ is training “Little Red” the Red Octopus to come to the dining room for her supper.

At the Aquarium of the Pacific, not only does the staff look after the physical needs of the animals they are charged to care for, they also look after their mental needs as well.

Aquarist JJ has been training Little Red the octopus to travel to a bin set up next to her tank for her meals. Sort of like coming to the dining room to eat. As positive reinforcement, JJ places a little plastic puzzle box with a piece of shrimp closed inside within the bin. The box acts as mental stimulation for the Red Octopus as she has to figure out how to open it to reach the shrimp. She also uses the box as a convenient place to enjoy her meal. It turns supper time into fun time for the little octopus.

Check out the video of Little Red and the puzzle box.