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It’s Time For Big Blue!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012


On June 15 we officially ended gray whale season and switched over to blue whale watching. That means longer trips and slightly different trip times. The switch to a longer trip has already started paying off as we’ve had a handful of blue whale sightings already!

Blue whales tend to be a little further offshore in the deep water where they spend a lot of time feeding. This is one of the main reasons we increase the time of our trips. During winter when the gray whales are passing by, a good amount of them will come close to shore, especially on the northbound part of the migration when they have a new calf with them. Blue whales on the other hand utilize our unique topography and get in to deep water where a lot of the krill is found. Because we have deeper water relatively closer to shore, this means we can get out there and see these magnificent animals.

Just in the last two weeks we’ve had seven sightings! Although we’re not seeing them every day yet, they’re making their way into the area and sightings should continue to increase. In addition to the first blues of the official blue whale season, we’ve also recently had quite a few minke whale sightings, as well as a humpback, and tons of dolphins. Mostly we see common dolphins, but we tend to see more Risso’s dolphins as well. Our intern Marty got some great shots recently!

As you’re getting outside and doing the summer activities, stay tuned for the blue whale sightings. The weather has been gorgeous and there’s nothing like spending an afternoon looking at blue whales. If the blues do this year as they’ve done the last few years, they should start rolling in any time now!

It’s Time For Big Blue!
Two blue whales travel close together  | Kaitlyn Landfield
It’s Time For Big Blue!
Risso's dolphins can be very playful at times just like in this photo!  | Marty Garcia

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