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Harpo’s Video Masterpiece

Hugh's Aquarium Views Video Number 36

Harpo and his sea lion selfie stick had a Drop-the-Mic moment this summer. Or in this case a Drop-the-GoPro moment. I mean quite literally.

He serendipitously dropped the selfie stick to the bottom with the GoPro lens pointed upwards. As the pole slowly rotated as it sank it artistically captured a sequence of a Harbor Seal angelically swimming above it. Once it reached the bottom it neatly framed the shade awning with the decorative rocks. Harpo then did two dream-like swim-bys above it. Just as it seems that the video would stay in this dreamy setting Harpo suddenly appears from behind the rock to return the camera to the surface. The subsequent sequence shows the sea lion using the selfie stick in the more conventional manner. The selfie stick is one of Harpo’s favorite enrichment toys.

I think Harpo should win an award for the Best Cinematography by a Pinniped.

Check out the video and see why.