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Happy “Otterdays” from Ollie the Otter

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Thursday, December 23, 2010


As my Holiday gift to my readers I thought I’d share some of the cuter images of our newest sea otter Ollie and also an amusing anecdote of one of her adorable antics.

Ollie has adapted well to her new home at the Aquarium of the Pacific. In fact she’s actually started to help the staff in keeping her pad clean. After Ollie had a snack of mussels on the half shell one of our mammalogists, Jeff, was mystified by the fact that he couldn’t find any of the leftover shells in the holding pad. He looked all over the deck, on the bottom of the pool and even on the support beams for the shells. Finally on a hunch he looked outside the holding pad. Sure enough he found the missing mussel shells on the ground outside the pad. After finishing her snack Ollie had pushed the shells out of a small break under the deck. The break lead outside the pad saving Jeff the trouble of having to scoop the shells out from the bottom of the pool with a net. Such a helpful little otter!

Although the Aquarium of the Pacific will be closed Christmas Day don’t worry about the little orphan otter feeling lonely. I will be spending Christmas with Ollie as her baby-sitter that day. After all, she’s now a part of our Aquarium family.

Happy Holidays to all! Click on the picture below for our Aquarium holiday card:

Happy “Otterdays” from Ollie the Otter
Happy Holidays from Hugh and Ollie!  | Colleen McLaughlin
Happy “Otterdays” from Ollie the Otter
Ollie was tiny when she first arrived at the Aquarium of the Pacific.
Happy “Otterdays” from Ollie the Otter
Ollie showing off her smile!  | Hugh Ryono
Happy “Otterdays” from Ollie the Otter
Now a part of our Aquarium of the Pacific family, Little Ollie has her own Holiday sock hung on her pad.  | Hugh Ryono

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Ollie Cigliano

Thursday, December 23, 2010 09:03 PM

Hi Ollie the Otter!  I hope you have a magical holiday!  I’m so excited you are my neighbor!
Ollie (the girl)

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Thursday, December 30, 2010 12:00 PM

Love the picture of Ollie’s smile!  I hope you had a great Christmas together.

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