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Thursday, August 29, 2013


The Penguin Soap Opera Continues

The Penguin love triangle that involved the fair maiden from Brazil, the old veteran from San Diego and the young stud from San Francisco has produced a couple of cute chicks.

Last November I wrote about the Penguin love traingle that involved Roxy a rescued female Magellanic Penguin from Brazil, Henry an elder penguin from a zoological facility in San Diego and Floyd an athletic young male transfered to Long Beach from San Francisco.

To read the full story of this Penguin Soap Opera click here: Penguin Love Triangle.

In a nutshell last year Henry took the young rescued female under his wing. During that spring Henry would sing out in his gutural penguin voice and Roxy would answer back in a harmonious tone. They were constantly together. Then Floyd came along that summer and stole the affections of Roxy.

Earlier this summer the union of Floyd and Roxy produced a pair of extremely cute chicks. Now you may feel a bit sorry for Henry in this penguin soap opera saga but don’t. In a strange twist, as Roxy and Floyd started devoting less and less time to their fledging offsprings the elder penguin Henry has taken a liking to the youngsters, spending more time with them. To get them used to being around adult penguins, Henry and select other adults are sometimes allowed to “babysit” the chicks while they are in their playpen area behind the June Keyes Exhibit. Henry has shown the most interest in them. This prompted one staffer to joke that it’s because the larger of the two chicks looks a lot like Henry. Maybe Henry thinks the chick is actually his. The Penguin Soap Opera continues in June Keyes.

Floyd and Roxy Have a Chick
Husbandry volunteer John and the two chicks in the penguin playpen set up behind the June Keyes Penguin Exhibit.  | Hugh Ryono
Floyd and Roxy Have a Chick
Born earlier this summer the chicks are loosing their downy feathers. Here you can see the remnants on the head of one of the chicks forming a penguin mohawk hairdo.  | Hugh Ryono

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