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Enrichment Challenge! Part 3

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Enrichment Challenge! Part 3
Ian the Magpie plays with a rubber enrichment toy made for the enrichment challenge.  | Sara Nieters

Frozen Treats for Ian

Entry 3: Frozen Treats for Ian

For the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators’ (IAATE) enrichment challenge (check out thechallenge and other entries), Sara made double use of the rubber theme in creating a tasty enrichment treat for Ian the Magpie. Sara froze a sphere of meal worms and water inside a hollow rubber ball. To create the sphere, Sara placed a balloon inside of the hollow rubber ball and filled it with water and meal worm treats. After freezing it overnight she removed the balloon, leaving a sphere of ice and treats trapped inside the rubber ball. Sara presented the frozen treat ball to Ian the Magpie. Ian could see the meal worms, but had to use that big bird brain of his to figure out how to get them out! He spent hours having a grand time picking out the worms from his rubber enrichment. Sara’s ingenious design, using rubber twice in one enrichment, won the IAATE enrichment challenge! Score all of the worms for Ian and score some new enrichment toys for the animals of the Aquarium!

A big thanks to the IAATE for putting on the challenge. We had a wonderful time creating rubber inspired enrichment items for our animals. And our birds had a wonderful time playing with their enrichments! We were inspired by all of the other enrichments submitted by other organizations. All of the birds were winners in this challenge.

Which of the three enrichment items for the rubber enrichment challenge was your favorite?

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