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Friday, July 18, 2014


Curious Penguins
Penguins, out for a walk during the Summer of Wonder, look at Aquarium visitors.  | Dominique Richardson

For our Summer of Wonder, several of our young penguins have been (exploring the Aquarium) meeting lots of other curious residents. It’s been great enrichment (and great fun) for the penguins as well as for the animals they get to meet. The penguins and otters have gawked at each other. The sea lions and penguins have bumped noses and mimicked each other through their acrylic barrier. But there is one particularly inquisitive animal the penguins have met that may be even more curious than the penguins: us! Although the penguins see their caretakers every day, sometimes new people can be quite intriguing. During their walks in June the penguins got up close and personal with many people, providing a great deal of enrichment as well as stimulating curiosity and wonder, both for themselves and for us.

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