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Critter Portraits

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Thursday, April 11, 2013


This week I’d like to share some critter portraits I’ve taken over the past few months.

During my volunteer shift at the Aquarium of the Pacific I always carry a camera with me. It’s a holdover from my flight test photography days where you never knew when an image or video needed to be captured or an action documented. In the case of the critters at the Aquarium you never know when they may do something cute or interesting.

For you technology fans out there here is the gear list that I carry to the Aquarium every Saturday. On my belt is either a Canon 260 or an Olympus Tough point and shoot camera depending on how wet I may get. Both are great for grab shots. For the more formal shots I use a Canon 60D DSLR camera with various lenses. It’s a lot heavier to lug around but the image quality is excellent. All three of these cameras can also shoot HD videos along with stills.

I also keep a Go Pro camera around for those times that I send Milo or Harpo out to shoot some shots in the exhibit. Yes, these two sea lions sometimes act as pinniped paparazzis. Check out the Aquarium’s YouTube Channel to see some of the videos they’ve shot. The recent ones are in HD.

Working around such photogenic and interesting critters it’s no wonder that I always like having a camera around so that I can share wonderful animal moments with my readers.

Critter Portraits
Shelby the Harbor Seal's pup Bixby at nearly a year old.  | Hugh Ryono
Critter Portraits
Maggie the Sea Otter showing her fuzzy side.  | Hugh Ryono
Critter Portraits
Avery the Magellanic Penguins highlighted by the early morning light.  | Hugh Ryono

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