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Come See Betty the Sea Otter

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Thursday, October 11, 2012


The Princess Otter

Fall’s cool weather has finally arrived in Long Beach and a cool otter has finally arrived. Betty, the baby otter named after Betty White, has been introduced to the older female otters in the main exhibit. She can now be seen daily by Aquarium guests playing with the other otters and scurrying around the exhibit.

Last Saturday was the first time that I worked with Betty in the main sea otter exhibit in full view of Aquarium guests. I have to admit that as much as I love Gidget and enjoy the antics of Ollie, Betty is the most calming young otter I’ve ever been around. When you’re with Betty you get the feeling that she really appreciates that you are there without being overly needy like most young otters. She has a youthful regalness about her than reminds me a lot of the Queen of the Exhibit Brook. Brook has always had a stately demeanor that sets her apart from the other otters. Betty seems to possess that same demeanor but with a fun side. She resembles the princess in Princess Diaries with Brook being the queen in the movie.

Brook has taken a liking to the newcomer. It will be interesting to see if the queen will pass on some of her tricks of the trade to the new princess on the block. It’ll also be interesting to see if Betty will bring out more of the fun side of Brook.

Come on out to the Aquarium of the Pacific and see Betty. It’ll put a smile on your face!

Come See Betty the Sea Otter
Betty (in front) seems to get along great with the other otters in the exhibt including Brook (in back) and Ollie (middle).  | Hugh Ryono

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