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Bull Shark Update and Other News

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Monday, November 05, 2007


The bull shark is being prepared for transport to another aquarium. The date has not yet been decided but please come see her soon or you may miss her. You may wonder
how you prepare a shark for transport. It starts with training the shark to come into a separate area of the exhibit, in our case, into the husbandry pool attached to Shark Lagoon. This allows the shark to be separated from the rest its tank mates. A transport rehearsal was done last week where the shark was moved into the husbandry pool then actually taken out of the exhibit and placed in a separate pool “behind the scenes”. The shark was then returned to Shark Lagoon. Everything went very well. Most likely more rehearsals will be done before the actual trip. These rehearsals are done to reduce the stress on the animal as it will be familiar with being moved around.

Stay tuned to meet the new Shark Lagoon member when the bull shark makes the move

I have a new skill that I can add to my resume, squid sniffer! As I was thawing the 12 pounds of squid for the daily feed, it smelled odd. Not really bad, just strong or in other words not right. I asked one of the Aquarists to check the smell. Sure enough, some of the squid were bad. Just one problem, which ones? That’s where the sniffing comes in. I sniffed every one of the squid to see which were good and which were bad. As it turned out, a little over half were bad. The sharks got extra clam and shrimp to make up for the squid that we tossed.

Now is the time of year when it is less crowded at the Aquarium. It is a good time to come and linger in front of your favorite exhibit. We have Exhibit Interpreters to tell you about the exhibits. Think about doing a hands-on Animal Encounter with either the otters, seal and sea lions, or sharks.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007 03:45 PM

question:  I am bring a group of children up to
the aquarium on 12/16/2007.  Please tell me that
the bull shark will be there thank you chris

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007 03:52 PM


Hi, I also work at the Aquarium and am in charge of the blogs. I wanted to make sure to answer your question as quickly as possible, so here I am.

Unfortunately, 12/16 is too far out to see the bull shark. We just got confirmation that if it all goes as planned, she will be heading out this Saturday.

The facility that she is going to is going to provide her with the space that she needs to continue to grow. She was pretty small when she first got here and grew quite steadily while in the care of our aquarists here. It is now time for us to send her to a larger home.

We are sorry that you will miss her, but there are many other really cool sharks at the Aquarium as well. For example, we have sand tiger sharks with huge pointy teeth, cool zebra sharks that cruise in the water, and probably most fascinating of all, a sawfish with a long rostrum lined with teeth.

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