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Blue Whale Season Wrapping Up

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Friday, November 04, 2011


The whales are giving one heck of a finale!

We’re now into the first week of November and we’re still seeing blue and fin whales, and even a few humpbacks that have been in the area. Although the sightings are starting to get a little spotty, they’re still giving us a great show. Just this week we had some incredible lunge feeding and breaching whales!

Next Monday we officially switch to Dolphin and Sea Life Cruises, but I have a feeling the whales will be sticking around for a few weeks longer. There has been so much krill in the area the last week that we’ve had lunge feeding whales all around the boat. Just yesterday one blue whale lunged RIGHT in front of the boat. It seems like right when we think they’re moving out of the area, they give us a great show to capture our attention again.

Speaking of a great show, last week I also witnessed something really incredible. For only the second time in my life I saw a fin whale breach! I was out on the boats and we saw some major breach splashes going on in the distance. Originally we thought it was humpback whales because we’ve had some breaching humpbacks around the last two weeks as well. As we got closer, we saw some fin whales and stopped to get a few ID pictures. A minute later we saw a huge fin whale jump out of the water! I was able to snap a quick picture of the fin whale just barely starting to land back in the water. We had some media on the boat and they think they caught this aerial display while filming. I’ll make sure and blog about when that will hopefully be shown on air.

Although our time with the blue whales is winding down for the season, they’re still giving us a great show. I hope that Mother Nature keeps brewing up this ocean of krill soup so we can continue to see the blues for just a little longer. If you haven’t seen the blue whales yet this year, now is probably a good time to go before the blues leave for the year. But don’t worry, if you can’t make it out right now, gray whale season is just around the corner.

Blue Whale Season Wrapping Up
A great picture of two fin whales lunging at the surface side by side!  | Kevin Yoshimoto
Blue Whale Season Wrapping Up
A blue whale lunges at the surface. The throat of the whale is extended all the way to the left side of the picture.  | Brielle Morton
Blue Whale Season Wrapping Up
A young humpback whale breaches close to the boat.  | Kevin Yoshimoto
Blue Whale Season Wrapping Up
A blue whale's mouth is shown wide open with the underside facing the camera.  | Brielle Morton

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