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Blue Whale Season Isn’t Over Yet!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Even though our summer has winded down, the blue whales and other wildlife haven’t seemed to notice. The blue whales won’t be here for too much longer, but they’re still showing strong. On my trip out a few days ago I saw six blue whales and bottlenose dolphins! What a trip!

Seeing 6 blue whales on a trip is a pretty amazing sight to begin with. What makes it even better was that they were all within a mile of each other. How spectacular is that!? On a lot of the trips this summer, we’ll be out there looking really hard trying to spot a whale. Most of the time we find a blue whale and while we’re watching one particular blue, another blow will shoot up a mile away or so. Sometimes you’ll see three of four blows all around you. But to see six all right next to each other…that was amazing!

Unlike dolphins, a lot of baleen whales, such as the blue whale, don’t spend a lot of time in large pods like the dolphins do. We can see dolphins in the thousands sometimes. The blue whales, for example, are usually only seen by themselves or in really small groups of two or three. And even then if there are a couple, unless it’s a mother and baby, the bond doesn’t seem to be too strong.

When we spotted the first blow we got very excited. A few seconds later another blow shot up right next to the first, so we knew we had two whales. As we got a little closer, to the right we spotted two more blows, and then slightly off to the right of those, we spotted two more! This is the largest amount of blues I’ve seen all summer. Because we spotted these blues so close together, we had time to check them all out.

To finish up the trip, on the way into Long Beach, we spotted about 20 bottlenose dolphins that came and played with the boat. They were so curious and came right up to the boat and looked right up at the people. I love it when they feel like being social with us.

So although the summer has pretty much come to an end, the wildlife is still all over the place and there is still plenty to see. If you’re interested in checking out some wildlife on our trips, click here!

Blue Whale Season Isn’t Over Yet!
Another of the six blue whales passing by.  | Kera Mathes
Blue Whale Season Isn’t Over Yet!
A pod of bottlenose dolphins playing next to the boat.  | Kera Mathes

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